The 89% perfect Mom!

I’m a Mom to the two prettiest little girls in the entire world! The journey is fun but filled with those lovely unexpected rough patches every now and then. You never quite know what life is going to throw your way at any moment. It has taken some time, almost 7 years actually, to finally realize that I don’t have to be the perfect Mom and that it is OK to settle on 89% perfection.


The wife who is a Mom!

I don’t think that many people realize how much their marriage changes as they start a family. Becoming a Mom you basically start from scratch but changing from just a wife to a wife who is a Mom is more of a process. Your normal role has forever changed and it takes a bit more time to adapt. It is for sure a messy process and one that takes love and patience. Definitely a work in progress and I’m aiming for that 89% perfection.



And then there’s moi! After becoming a Mom and becoming the wife who is a Mom I somehow got buried under the rubble of life! Being a household manager is wearing and you find yourself slapping on those smiles to get through the day. Who I once was quickly changed and suddenly you find that there is no time to even get to know who you have become because you’re running in circles just getting through your days. The past few years I’ve tried to get back to who I once was before I was living my B+ life. But I’ve realized now that that isn’t possible. I need to be focusing on who I have become and not who I once was.


Welcome to my B+ Life!

I’ve accepted and am OK with living the B+ life that I have created and I would like to think that I’m totally acing it!

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